Get Your Audi Prepared for Summer Excursions and Warm Weather Travel

After the cold winter months there is nothing quite like getting behind the wheel of your favorite Audi vehicle and hitting the road for some fun summer driving! We also know that the winter months can put a damper on the attention we give our vehicles due to the poor weather conditions. That's why it's important to get your vehicle ready for the summer driving season by following some summer service tips. Below you'll find a list of common summer service tips that will have your Audi vehicle performing as it should when you have it serviced by a certified Audi service technician at Audi Tacoma.

  • Air Conditioning System
    As the weather warms up the last thing you want is to be stuck in a hot car without air conditioning. Be sure to have your air conditioning system checked by a certified Audi technician before a marginally operating system fails in hot weather.
  • Cooling System
    The most common cause of summer breakdowns is overheating. To avoid this terrible fate, be sure your cooling system is flushed completely and refilled about every 24 months. Between flushing and refilling be sure to check your coolant level, condition, and concentration periodically. Our certified Audi service technicians can help assure your Audi automobile has a well maintained cooling system.
  • Oil
    As you probably guessed, an oil change is likely needed for the summer. Your oil should be changed roughly every 3,000 miles as a rule of thumb.
  • Engine Performance
    You should replace air, fuel, PCV, and other filters as recommended during the drier and dusty summer months. Make sure that you address all engine drivability problems including hard starts, rough idling, stalling, diminished power corrected at your certified Audi service center at Audi Tacoma.
  • Tires
    Your tires should be rotated about every 5,000 miles, and you should check tire pressure once a month. Be sure to check tire pressure in the morning while the tires are cold before driving any significant distance. You should also check your spare tire to ensure that if you need it, it's in good condition. If your vehicle needs an alignment, the summer is a great time for it because the winter months are notoriously rough on your vehicle.
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