Critical Acclaim For the Uncompromising 2018 Audi A3 in U.S. News & World Report


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The word "value" isn't generally associated with a luxury marque such as those in our new Audi inventory, but it's a common refrain in reviews of the cars we offer. But when it comes to publications who know a thing or two about the "Best Cars for the Money," it's U.S News & World Report--who recently gave the smallest sedan a big honor for its accessible--but no less prestigious--luxury values.

That car is none other than the 2018 A3--the name for the family of cars consisting of Sportback, convertible, and two fire-breathing S-badge and Audi Sport variants. Where all these models are billed as "entry-level," a market that trends toward cost-cutting knock-offs of more expensive entries, the A3 doesn't just provide a first impression for the brand, but an excellent vehicle on its own.

Excellent in acceleration, performance, and standard and available features, the A3 has certainly come into its own since it returned to our shores in 2014. But having a good rap sheet in the grape vine is one thing, but holding up against Vincentric LLC's five-year total ownership cost data, and average price paid intel from TrueCar, there were more than a few obstacles to over come.

But the A3 came out on top against the likes of bolder competitors, including the arenas of safety, reliability, and the overall perspectives of experts.

Not familiar with the kind of values the A3 has in store? With standard xenon running lights, leather seating surfaces, quattro all-wheel drive and a classically-Audi TFSI inline-four engine, there's nothing left out. Even the optional features roster holds the likes of Virtual Cockpit, smartphone integration, MMI touch, and safety features like rear cross-traffic alert.

Having your cake and eating it, too, now comes in an award-winning package with four rings, and our Audi dealership in Fife, WA would be happy to make the introductions. We're conveniently in reach of the greater Seattle and Tacoma areas, and surrounded by prime scenery for an unforgettable--uncompromising--test drive!