Audi Q3 vs Lexus UX

 With the new 2020 models of these cars coming out soon, it is that time to see which one comes out on top. One crossover SUV and one hybrid SUV is not always easy to compare but it is being said that the UX will be a direct competitor to the Q3 this year, so that is exactly what we are going to be doing in this article. Buckle up; we’re getting into it right now. 

According to “” our Q3 is already pulling ahead in ranking with a 6.2/10 while the Lexus UX gets a 5.8/10. Some pros on the Q3 are that almost all high tech features come standard in all Q3’s, it’s got a very roomy inside with plenty of head and leg room, and its own turbocharged engine! Unfortunately with all pros, there come some cons to balance. Some cons on the Q3 include its size in being a “subcompact” categorized vehicle even though it is relatively large, and if repairs need to be done, it can get very expensive. On the other side of the spectrum we have the pros for the Lexus UX; it has great fuel economy due to being a hybrid, and its attractive styling. A couple cons to go along with those is that the level of power and performance is really lacking and the CVT transmissions aren’t very good compared to what is out on the market today.

Specifications are extremely similar between both models with the Q3 being taller and wider than the UX thus causing the comfortability level of the Q3 to outweigh the UX. The Q3 also has more cargo space and a higher level of performance compared to the UX with 228HP compared to 169HP on the UX. 

In our opinion, we have a clear winner for this fight, and it’s got to be the Q3. All things considered, power, performance, high tech standards, and comfortability levels all come together to deliver a better driver and passenger experience compared to the Lexus UX. Come Check out our inventory of new and used Q3’s at Larson Audi of Tacoma in Fife!