Audi A3

 The Audi A3 is a really hot car these days with its base price being very good for what you are getting from it. Even at its base, the A3 really delivers in terms design and tech. From it’s very well built cabin to its many technological features, to its comfortable seats and great performance! The A3 comes with a 2.0L four-cylinder offered in 2 variations of horsepower being 186HP and 220HP respectively. The more powerful version was able to go 0-60MPH in a respectable 5.5 seconds and get really nice fuel economy at 34MPG highway and 25MPG city! 

Technology innovation takes a top spot in the A3 with having so many different features including and not limited to a digital gauge cluster, a motorized pop-up infotainment system, accessibility options for Android and IOS and a LT 4G WI-Fi hotspot! Did I mention the A3 is available in a convertible form! The A3 also offers several driver assist features such as, Emergency Brake Assist, Forward Collision Warning, and adaptive cruise control just to name a few.  

The A3 is a model that we expect to stay around for a long time, with its adaptive control and innovative technology, smooth driving and precision steering, and drivers assist features. You can’t go wrong when purchasing an Audi A3 and you won’t go wrong shopping at Larson Audi of Tacoma in Fife! Come and see our full inventory of A3’s new and used!