Audi A4 vs. Honda Accord

 You may see this headline and think, “isn’t Audi a luxury brand?”.

 Yes Audi is categorized as a luxury brand but with all these modern upgrades to the cars we have known and loved and all the different trims that are offered for affordable cars these days, Honda has made their vehicles look extremely high end these days, and at the price point they are asking, it might as well be luxury. Now one of the biggest differences in these models is the performance and comfort levels. With an Audi vehicle, you know you are getting top of the line German performance and engineering, and seeing as though Porsche and Mercedes-Benz are also German brands, you know you are getting the very best! Let’s go over some pros and cons for these vehicles.

 We will start with the Audi A4. The A4 right off the bat wins for fuel economy in getting 27/37/31 MPG for city/highway/combined while the Accord gets 22/32/26. The feeling you get from the A4’s interior is a “Smartphone on wheels” due to its incredible ability to innovate and integrate all of the great new tech being created every day, while the Accord doesn’t really give that feeling of intense and state of the art tech, though it does have a centralized digital hub for all your music and GPS settings. Audi In most aspects does a fantastic job with interior design making every model look ultra modern and very luxe. As with Honda, you kind of know you are getting your run of the mill family sedan with some trim and interior elements that look a little cheap.

Now the Honda Accord, one thing it does have over the A4 is amount of HP output between the 2 engines. The Accord outputs 252HP while the A4 only outputs up to 190HP. Though the Accord has it against the A4, the A4 is going to get you better quality and design that the standard Accord.

Of course the battle between the Honda Accord and the Audi A4 goes to the wonderful Audi A4, just due to the fact that the prices are very similar to each other, but you are getting better quality, materials, performance and design from the A4 than the Accord. We here at Larson Audi of Tacoma in Fife are waiting for you to come on down and check out our A4’s new and used, maybe even a test drive or 2? Come on down!