Audi TT vs. Mazda Miata

In the cutthroat battle that is car buying, one thing is absolutely universal when it comes down to it, and that is the comparison we all make between different cars when out there in the market for a new dream car. Today, that is exactly what we are going to do, compare 2 car models and give you pros and cons on them both and tell you which one is really worth the bill of a new vehicle.  

When it comes to the Audi TT, the Miata just cannot beat the level of safety you get with the TT. Due to the TT’s drastic weight difference, the Miata won’t last in a collision of any kind, so the TT definitely wins that battle. As for Audi and Mazda warranties, Audi wins right off the bat. The TT offers a 4year/50,000 mile warranty which covers the entire vehicle and comes with 24 hour roadside assistance,  while the Miata offers a 3 year/36,000 warranty and does not have the roadside assistance and doesn’t cover the whole vehicle. The TT also has a 12-year corrosion warranty compared the Miata’s 5-year corrosion warranty.

In almost all performance the TT beats out the Miata also with having 228HP which is 47 more HP than the Miata and 107lb-ft more of torque at 258lb-ft compared to 151lb-ft of the Miata. Not to mention either, the TT has 2.6 more gallons of fuel capacity, and that’s really handy for those longer trips! Comfort is a big part of vehicles these days since we all want to be comfortable while driving, and the TT does not disappoint. It has space for 4 passengers while the Miata can only carry 2, and the seats are bigger in the TT even though there are more!  

At this point you are probably thinking that I am only here to put the Miata down, but its jus the matter of fact that the TT wins in every single important character when up against the Miata. You may see the price difference and think differently, but you are buying genuine German engineering and all the pros that the TT has up on the Miata. Speaking of TT’s, we have several different models to catch your eye here at Larson Audi of Tacoma in Fife, feel free to visit our website and keep up with all the Audi news!