Audi S7

Earlier this year, we got official specs and pricing for the brand new 2020 Audi S7, and we couldn’t be more excited. Similar to the S6, the S7 will have a twin-turbocharged 2.9L V-6 engine, with a 48-volt hybrid electric supercharger which is unlike the V-8 found in last generations S7, and in some opinions, the 2020 S7 does not have that timeless look that the last gen had either. This S7 is capable of outputting 444HP and 443LB-FT of torque while AWD comes standard in all S7’s. The S7 has been a very popular vehicle since it came out, and with the new release of specs and pricing, people are finding it hard to relate to this year’s S7 but we believe that once this model rolls out, people will be changing their minds.  

A more aggressive visual change happens in the front and rear fascias, a front end splitter and diffuser in the rear, extra vents and scoops and a different grille treatment. Interior wise includes new sports seats and various aluminum bits and trims.  

We are expecting the new S7 in the United States at the end of 2019 and it will MSRP for a pretty $85k. Whether you don’t like the change from V-8 to V-6 or you don’t like all the changes to design interior and exterior, you may want to wait for the RS7, but I assure you that the S7 will deliver more than most think. Keep up with all upcoming Audi releases and news here at your neighborhood Larson Audi of Tacoma in Fife! Come and check out our new and used inventory of S7’s and see what you think!

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