Audi TT

2020 is a year of innovation for all the beautiful car models coming, and the 2020 Audi TT is definitely part of this whole phase of change and innovation! Audi had to make a big decision with this model to overhaul the design and give it a much needed facelift just due to it being one of the oldest models in Audi’s lineup even though the new TT was only introduced in 2016; Audi just doesn’t have any old models in their lineup anymore. Despite this fact they had to do something to the TT to make it more viable in today’s market, with people who are looking for optimum performance and sleek modern designs. This 2 door coupe has gone through a lot of adaptations, changes and upgrades since its very first model generation, back then it came out with a diesel powered engine! This model features a 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with a minimum of 220HP ranging up to 400Hp for the TT RS. This new model features several exterior changes including single frame front grille, larger lateral air intakes, new rear end wing, full LED headlights, additional radiators and 3 additional color options.  

Some safety features for this model include rear backup camera, parallel parking assist, active traction control, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), etc. Although there won’t be a whole lot of interior cabin changes, there will definitely be updated tech and an upgraded infotainment system. All of the major upgrades and changes will be under the hood and on the exterior.  

Audi is looking at a late 2019 release in the US and will go for around the same ballpark amount as its 2019 counterpart. You cannot go wrong with this stylish design and great performance, give it a thought, this could be your dream sports car! Coming Soon!

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