Audi S3 vs. Lexus IS

It is Germany versus Japan in this battle between the beautiful Audi S3 and the Lexus IS. We have lots to talk about such as all the great differences of the two models and several some similarities that will be listed below! If you want to know our verdict, then keep on reading!  

Pricing for these two vehicles is very similar with both coming in the $41k area with MSRP being $44k for both as well. Where one difference comes in is with the fuel economy. The S3 comes out on top with a 22 city/29 highway rating beats out the IS at 19 city/26 highway. Fuel economy is extremely important, you want to get where you are going with it costing the least possible, and the S3 will get that done better than the IS. Another similarity is going to be the basic warranty offered for both vehicles which is 4 years/50,000 miles. When it comes to comfortability, the S3 pulls ahead again with better backseat leg and headroom and good space for front persons  compared to the IS which only has comfortable space for the driver and front passenger. Plus both cars can fit 5 people comfortably. The width of both is exactly the same with the S3 being a little shorter in length making it a bit easier to park. There are more similarities here than you might think but what differences they do have make the S3 the obvious pick when it comes to the two vehicles!  

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