Audi Q7 vs Acura MDX

The SUV market is booming and growing larger every day, and everyone is fighting to be top dog in that department! We have two such behemoths of the automobile industry to go over with you today. It is the Audi Q7 and the Acura MDX going toe-to-toe to see who can come out on top. Specs and comparisons will all be listed down below, so keep on reading to see our thoughts on the two vehicles!

  While the two models are both mid size with three row seating, they are styled very differently. Audi always takes the conservative pathway when it comes to exterior styling. Audi tries to keep it classy when it comes to their SUV’s and A-Class sedans. The Acura SUV tends to focus on clean and sharp lining and trim to make it look more modern or even futuristic. Audi is known for their interior quality and the Q7 is no exception to that. A digital display comes out of the dashboard letting the rest of the controls have plenty of space and work really well ergonomically. The MDX is similar in this way but does not live up to Audi’s level of quality. Both models have very spacious seating for all and with that 3rd row; you can store more people or fold them down for even more cargo space. The performance in the Q7 beats the MDX with 333hp and 325lb-ft compared to 321hp and 289lb-ft. Safety features and tech are both extremely similar. It’s a tough call when it comes to picking either of these over the other, but I think you may have an inkling in your head of which one we are going with. 

Of course it is going to be the Q7! This is the latest and greatest when it comes to Audi’s SUV lineup! We are glad to see Audi fleshing out their SUV’s because they are constantly going above and beyond with every new model coming! The Q7 is out now and available at Audi Tacoma so come on down and see us for your Audi needs!


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