Audi A5

Another amazing offering from Audi of Tacoma is the wonderful 2-door A5 Cabriolet. Its design and performance is perfect for the adventurous sport chasers out there. It offers reasonable practicality with a great amount of function for how sporty it is. It is an Audi after all, when can you go wrong buying an Audi? The whole brand is #GenuineGerman engineering at its finest.  

The A5 comes with a turbocharged V-4 that provides a great “get up and go” feel, and with a sport tuned suspension and standard AWD. This really makes the A5 stand out in its class as a Cab to really look out for. The engine of the A5 is capable of outputting 252 horsepower and 273lb-ft of torque to make a nice punchy driving experience. According to “” the A5 shows “better performance than its horsepower rating suggests with a snappy automatic transmission and agile cornering demeanor”! When testing the 0-60MPH speeds, it is said that it was only 0.5 seconds behind the 400-hp Infiniti Q60 Red Sport when accelerating. The fuel economy is also not something to take lightly with a very nice 23city/34highway.  

As with all Audi models, you will find so much potential in the interior of the A5 with its luxe tech-rich cabin, cargo space potential and digital gauge clusters. It is stylish and modern and really feels like it. Plenty of infotainment features are present such as Bluetooth and audio streaming, power outlets, and USB capabilities. The A5 includes an unusual amount of cargo space, as in when the rear seats fold, they go completely flat and you get at least 21.8 square feet which is amazing for Audi and a step in the right direction to make Audi models even better than they are now. Finally, we have to talk about all the safety and driver assist features such as Automated Emergency Braking, standard forward collision warning, rear-view camera, and available adaptive cruise control.

All these factors combine together to make an amazingly unusual, yet different take on an Audi vehicle. Whether you are looking for cargo space, unprecedented performance, or a modern stylish vehicle, the Audi A5 has all of these and is waiting for you now at Audi Tacoma. Our Audi Brand Specialists are standing by to assist you with a brand new Audi! Come see what we have to offer, you will not be disappointed.

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