Audi Q7

A breath of fresh air is here. An updated version of Audi’s popular 3rd row SUV that was introduced all the way back in 2005! The popularity of this model is thanks to the modern styling, powerful engine options, AWD, plenty of seating, and progressive Infotainment System! This new model will feature so much for everyone interested in a car, you won’t be able to turn this one down!  

Some new features in this model include a dual-touch screen display setup while keeping with the comfortability of the Q7’s ergonomics! The 2nd row seating can now be upgraded to allow for single seating for the 3 passengers in that row so nobody has to touch! It is anticipated that the hybrid turbo-charged V6 in the Q8 will be found in the updated Q7 to keep up with the competitions improved efficiency and power, and also anticipated is a plug-in hybrid version to flesh out the lineup and introduce it down the line, although not a whole lot of solid facts yet.  

These days, luxury 3rd row SUV’s are battling it out to be the most desired and most jack of all trade brand out there, but with the level of release with SUV’s it’s going to be difficult to get to that top and get to that crown! Audi is doing everything they can to be that top of the line SUV, and luckily their work is paying off according to “” who says that the Q7 is the top ranked vehicle in its class, which is very good when looking at its competitors of BMW”s X5 and Mercedes-Benz’s GLB which are great cars in their own!Unfortunately, this model is not anticipated to release until Spring 2020, but with its upgrades and amazing innovations, I believe this model will be worth the wait! Consider it the next time you are looking for a great family friendly and powerful SUV! Checkout out our Audi inventory today at Larson Audi of Tacoma in Fife!

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