Audi S8

The S8 takes the design inspiration of the A8 and completely ramps up the power and performance to a whole new level!  A twin-turbo V-8 engine is responsible for giving the S8 this new power and features a more stiff suspension and different and better brakes. Small differences in visuals include different wheels, bumpers and interior trim. The S8 takes inspiration from the A8 so it makes sense that they look related. Siblings if you will.  

The S8 with its 4.0L V-8 is capable of outputting 563 horsepower and 590lb-ft of torque and comes standard with AWD and an 8-speed automatic transmission. It is claimed that the S8 has a top speed of 155MPH and has a hybrid setting so you can save on gas if you want! The hybrid setting kicks on an electric motor and battery within the engine bay. The suspension in the S8 can take control of each individual wheel to make for a much higher quality ride. “CarAndDriver” calls the S8 a rolling tech showpiece due to the countless features and technology such as the number of touchscreens, climate controls, audio and navigation systems and a plethora of connectivity tech. In the S8, Audi offers heating and cooling built in plus a massage setting in each front seat. The rear cabin offers lots of space for legs and heads because of the wheelbase being a lot longer. Lots of safety feature as well such as adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, automatic emergency braking, and so much more.  

The S8 is out now so come and down and see us at Larson Audi of Tacoma for all your #GenuineGerman engineering needs. We have all the latest and greatest that Audi has to offer. Come and test drive a few of our wonderful 2020 models! Our specialists are standing by to assist!

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