Audi A6

The upgraded 2020 A6 came with a redefined ride, feature-full cabin, and quiet powertrains. The A6 is perfect for consumers on the go or those who want some power behind the wheel. With a large load of safety features and numerous optional tech pieces, the A6 is able to stand out, a luxe interior with a minimalist and modern exterior.  

The A6 brings a lot of safety features to the table as standard such as automatic emergency braking, lane-keep assist, blind spot monitoring and so on! Not only is it the safety features it is also the tech that comes standard such as a panoramic sunroof, three zone automatic climate control, and a wide touch screen infotainment system. As it stands the A6 is a very solid choice for anybody and everybody.The A6 comes equipped with a turbocharged 2.0L V-4 engine capable of outputting 248 horsepower and has come out on top in the fuel economy race against Mercedes and BMW equivalents to the A6. The inside is sleek and modern with the top notch materials such as genuine leather, rich wood and nickel accent trim, and is applied rather nice to the dash and doors. A touch screen infotainment screen and digital clusters litter the dashboard for convenience and a sense of luxury. 

Come check out the A6 In our wonderful showroom located at Audi of Tacoma. We have product specialists at all times ready to get you into your dream vehicle. See it for yourself, and why not test drive it while you are here. We will see you here soon!