Audi RS3

The Audi RS3 blends all of the best performance and design aspects in all Audi models together in one masterpiece of a machine. The RS3 stands as simply one of the best Audi models to grace us here at Porsche of Tacoma. A wonderful amount of power and modern design makes this model able to stand the test of time.  

The Audi RS3 gets its power from the 2.5L five-cylinder engine that is capable of outputting 400 horsepower and 354lb-ft of torque which gives it a 3.5 second warm-up from 0MPH-60MPH. The RS3 is right out of the future with its plethora of tech features and surprises as well as the infotainment system that rises from the center console of the vehicle. Also available is a digital cluster with integrated Google maps. The comfortability level in the RS3 is one of the best with its stylish and supportive seats and back seats are well cushioned and spacious.  

The Audi RS3 competes directly with the BMW M2 and beats it out in power form 0MPH-60MPH and has 2 more doors than the M2 comes with. The RS3 has incredible functionality. It is not just a powerhouse but can be a comforting family car and can be great for carrying things with its generous cargo space. According to research and a study by “Car and Driver”, the RS3 gained a 5/5 star rating within the automotive news outlet and we can totally understand why. It’s an intense powerhouse with an amazing sense of comfort and functionality. It will be hard to top this model, but we are excited to see what Audi has next in their arsenal. Audi  Tacoma is your home for all things Audi, so come see us! We have so much in store for you!