Audi A1

For the most part, many of you might not know that Audi has an Allroad vehicle known as the Audi A1. The A1 is a hatchback style vehicle that was introduced first in 2010 and has seen a redesign in the last couple years to make it more fuel efficient and streamlined. The main use for an Allroad vehicle is for exactly that, all roads. It is built for light off road capabilities, perfect for those adventurous types who love a little spontaneity!  

This New Year’s model is slightly longer and seems to be inspired heavily by the Audi Sport Quattro with the designer slats between the large frontal grille and the leading edge of the hood. It looks as though form the spy shots captured that Audi has set to change the fenders, bumpers, side sills, and grille too.  

Like most new models these days, this beauty will come with a centralized infotainments system and digital cluster behind the wheel. The interior is also going to be larger and roomier due to the increased wheelbase.

So far, we have not had had the A1 in the US but we are really hoping it will come to us this time around! Stay tuned here at Audi of Tacoma for the latest and greatest to do with Audi! Come see us again!