Larson Audi Service Excellence

Let’s be honest here, buying an Audi is sort of a big deal. Genuine German engineering does not come cheap, and when it comes to service and parts you need a place to go that understands the weight of the German engineering and will treat your Audi with utmost respect and care. I cannot think of a better place than our own Audi of Tacoma service center. We know that service and parts are a big deal so we pride ourselves on our excellent service with a smile! Whether it is something wrong with the engine, or replacement brake pads, and maybe even a mystery leak, we have service specialists on site for all your needs.  

Audi of Tacoma welcomes all to come and check out your vehicle and do testing, and we will come up with a plan and pathway so we can nip the issue in the bud. We have technicians here 7 days a week that are willing to do anything they can to help! You can make an appointment online or call our service line at (888)-433-1560 Monday to Monday! We are waiting for you here at our service department! We offer a military and senior discount for 10% off all service up to $100 and a rebate worth $100 for buying 4 of the same size Goodyear tires through September 30th! Just mail it right in! We hope to see you at our lovely showroom soon!

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