Audi A7 vs. Lexus GS350

Today its Japanese versus German Engineering, Audi versus Lexus, the A7 versus the GS350, we are going to see which one stacks up better. We are going to go into all the “nitty gritty” and we will let you know what vehicle to choose between the two and why!

Right off the bat, the A7 comes with a corrosion warranty of 12 years which is 6 years longer than the GS350’s warranty. The A7 also carries a hardened steel timing chain that drives the camshafts that needs no routine maintenance while the rubberized timing belt on the GS needs to be replaced periodically, and if it breaks it has the potential to severely damage the engine. We also have a more powerful engine in the A7 that is capable of outputting 335HP and 369lb-ft of torque compared to the losing 241HP and 258lb-ft of torque on the GS. In terms of acceleration, the A7 has the GS beat in every way with 0-30MPH, 0-60MPH, and 0-100 MPH and so on. Regenerative brakes help the fuel economy of the A7 and beats out the GS at 22MPG/29MPG city/highway, the Gs is trailing at 19MPG/26MPG city/highway respectively. Another really nice feature the A7 has is an auto sensing start and stop feature on the engine that works like this, the engine will shut itself off when you come to a full stop to reduce fuel and power consumption, and it will start up again when it senses that you will start moving soon. The GS does not offer this at all.  

 Now if that’s not enough info to ascertain which one you should buy, I don’t know what to tell you! If it is not too obvious yet, we of course choose and go with the Audi A7. It is just better in every conceivable way, performance, safety features, technology, and comfortability. Browse our entire A7 inventory today! Just click new or used on our homepage and search away! Why not come on down to see them in person and test them out! Our Product Specialists are standing by here at Audi of Tacoma.