Audi A8 vs Jaguar XJ

Its genuine German versus UK made, the Audi A8 versus the Jaguar XJ. Today we are going to see who comes out on top in this European battle! Let’s get into it!

Pricing for these guys is going to be very close, a very meager $5k difference of upwards of $80k-$85k between the two, but you get much more bang for your buck with the A8. The Audi has a better fuel economy at 19MPG/27MPG and the Jaguar has 17MPG/26MPG so you will be able to drive farther in the A8, not to mention the range on it is around 490 miles compared to 444 miles on the Jag.

  The base Audi A8 has the capability of outputting 369lb-ft of torque which beats out 332lb-ft on the base XJ and not to mention the A8 has more horsepower too! In terms of space, the A8 comes out on top with more legroom, headroom and rear leg and headroom but a little less cargo space than the XJ but there is plenty to make up for that.

Safety features like rearview camera, blind spot warning, lane departure and many more come standard in the A8 but as for Jaguar it will be a pretty penny for these safety packages and so on. Genuine German engineering is something that Audi puts forth in all of its models from technology to safety to structurally sound body. On average Audi ranks much higher than Jaguar on the initial quality study done by JD Power with Audi being 8 spots higher on the ranking list. Unfortunately Jaguar is at the very bottom of the list in the 2019 study! JD Power ranks several Audi vehicles at the top when it came to Midsize Premium Car like the Audi A7 and A8!

Audi has made its mark in today’s society as one of the top dogs when it comes to performance and quality. Jaguar just does not stand a chance with an Audi, and we agree! Whether you are looking for performance based or design heavy, Audi has something for you! Larson takes pride in the car buying and automobile service industries, and we happen to have our beautiful Audi showroom right in the heart of Fife! Come on down and see our wonderful associates and you will see why at Audi of Tacoma!