What to Expect in 2020

Audi has so much in store for 2020 and a lot coming in for the 2021 model year! This year we can expect so many models for the 2021 model year such as the recently released e-Tron, Audi’s all new 1900 × 571EV! The new e-Tron is coming to us based on the wonderful Q4 and will feature electric motors on each axle that make AWD possible and the e-Tron will be capable of outputting 300-hp with a 6.3 seconds 0-60MPH speed! We can also expect the brand new Q8 to arrive later on in the year! We don’t have a ton of details on said Q8 but we can only expect that it will take the performance of the Q7 and turn it up to 100! As you also may have heard, the Q5 and A8 will be getting plug-in hybrid editions to flesh out their EV line even more! The A5 and A8 have undergone a gorgeous makeover for the 2021 model year and has been designed into a 4-door Sportback edition! Fortunately, we will be getting a new Audi TT it seems. We are going to be seeing the last of the TT soon due to the discontinuation of the model, which we are definitely sad to see but this is just to make way for even better models to be introduced. That’s improvement if you ask me, the TT has been with us since 1998 and its come time to move on to bigger and better things and we definitely understand.250 × 250

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