Audi A7 vs Genesis G70

We are coming at you today with a luxury duel. It’s Audi versus Genesis; we’ll see who takes the cake in this toe to toe fight. As you may know, Genesis is a relatively new brand out on the automobile market and it’s definitely been making a splash, but is it enough to dethrone the German giant that is Audi? Let’s find out!267 × 200

Obviously Audi has been an immense force in the automotive industry for so many years now and with Genesis coming on the scene so recently, they have some pretty big shoes to fill in terms of making a name for themselves. I think so far they have been taking good steps in order to do that but not enough to take down the powerhouse that is Audi. Today we are going to be comparing a model from each brand to see where Genesis really stands when it comes to Audi Performance. The Audi A7 and the Genesis G70 are the models in questions today, and no doubt they are both great vehicles, but one of them definitely stands out more and performs better than its counterpart. The A7 comes to us standard with a V-6 engine capable of outputting 335-hp and 369lb-ft of torque while the Genesis comes with a V-4 that outputs 252-hp and 260lb-ft of torque. The fuel economy is almost identical but the A7 edges out the G70 by 1MPG (city and highway) higher. Lots of features come standard in the A7 that aren’t available with the G70 such as sun/moon roof, leather seating, etc. The A7 has almost 2.5x the cargo space compared to the G70 with 25 cu ft of cargo volume compared to 10.5 cu ft. Not only does the A7 have more cargo space, but it has more front and back legroom and headroom.320 × 200

Although the A7 has a higher price tag, everything is worth it when it comes to its cost. In the end, I think you have already guessed which one wins this fight. Of course it is the Audi A7, and lucky for you we have all the newest models and news from Audi here at our very own Audi Tacoma. Start with us and you won’t be disappointed and you can skip the shopping around! We hope to see you soon!


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