Audi A4 vs BMW 3-Series

Today we have a couple of German giants to pit against one another. It’s our very own Audi A4 versus the 3-Series from BMW. The 2 vehicles in questions are going to have several similarities such as price point some design aspects that are made to look similar on both since both are sedan vehicles. Both are great models and according to “” both are ranked in the top 10 for Luxury Small Cars. They have both proven themselves in the long run but which one will come out on top in this fight? Keep on reading to see more of our thoughts.355 × 200

Right off the bat we should talk about the exterior styling. You can see that the A4 has a much more aggressive style such as the larger grille and sharp headlights but with the 3-Series, it’s got a rounder feel for its features with its grille and front styling. Moving on, the insides and tech are very different. Under the hood we can see a better performance on the A4 with 190-hp and 236lb-ft of torque compared to the 3-Series with 180-hp and 200lb-ft of torque so you will be getting a punchier drive with the A4 than the BMW. Something else the A4 does better on is fuel economy with 27city/37highway with the BMW with 24city/35highway. You are going to get a lot more standard features and tech on the A4 as well such as sunroof/moonroof, electrochromatic rearview mirror, heated front seats and so much more that is only optional in the BMW. I don’t think I need to go on here so we can wrap this up.299 × 200

Obviously, the Audi A4 is the superior vehicle with its many standard features that only come optionally in the BMW, to the better fuel economy and performance, even down to the more aggressive design aspects, the A4 stands on top when it comes to these 2 German manufacturers. Fortunately for all of you, Audi Tacoma has A4 models that will suit you! Any color you could possibly think of with so many different optional variants, you could not possibly be disappointed with one of our lovely A4’s! So come on down today and meet our associates and experience #GenuineGerman for yourself!


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