Audi AI: CON

We are back for another Audi AI feature! This time we are going to be talking about the Audi AI: CON! Here we have another futuristic vehicle that is sure to stand the test of time. Audi is claiming that355 × 200 the AI:CON will have a range of almost 500 miles on a single charge and charging times are only 30 minutes for  80% charge or more! Taking a seat in the AI: CON will give you a real feeling of luxury and technology due to its super spacious cabin and built in touch controls in the hand rail. Everything about this vehicle is from the future! With such a high efficiency and touch controls all around, it really is a sight see. Included in the AI: CON is also a panoramic sunroof that is capable of changing its transparency level depending on electric voltage application. LED lighting is used for correct mood lighting and can be used to light the interior when getting in and out​360 × 200

The AI: CON is sure to impress with its extremely commendable range per charge and its amazing cargo space at 23 square feet. The AI-Series from Audi is a fascinating path into the next generation. Amazing things are coming for the automobile industry and we are just a little bit away from being able to see these models in all their glory. Keep up with all updates regarding the Audi AI-Series and Audi as a brand here at Audi Tacoma. Finding a great Audi dealership can be difficult, but if you start with Audi Tacoma, you will never want to go back! We cannot wait to see you!

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