Audi 100 Coupe and Coupe S

We are throwing back today, all the way to 1968 in fact! 1968 saw the world release of the Audi 100 Coupe! Then 2 years later, we got to see the Coupe S. The 100 Coupe featured a top of the line 1.9L engine capable of outputting 115-hp! The Audi 100 was quite the powerhouse for 1968 and had a great fuel economy that could rival some cars today at 20city/28highway! The 100 Coupe was a big deal back in the day, and it’s something we could not possibly forget!285 × 200

Just 5 years after the first generation 100 Coupes came out, they got their first updated look! It received a new engine along with a redesigned grille and all new taillights. The 100 Coupe was alive and well for 8 long years until 1976 when unfortunately the Audi 100 Coupe was discontinued after Audi had introduced the C2 platform! Understandably, it was discontinued to make way for even more new innovations and to make way for the amazing stuff we are getting today over 50 years later!300 × 200

We hope to one day see a release that pays tribute to all of the old Audi models someday, but with all the new tech and features coming out today, we can’t really complain! Are you looking for a great German engineered vehicle that will stand the test of time? Start with Audi Tacoma, we have so many models to peruse and test! So come on down and meet our amazing experience focused team. Follow these steps to a great new Audi!

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