The final vehicle of the AI series is what we are going to talk about today! If you have ever seen any kind of space movie or game, you will know that the vehicles driven in such setting are rovers. They are very rounded out with giant tires to traverse the harsh terrain. Audi has come up with their own spin on the Mars Rover; it is called the Audi AI: TRAIL and true to its idea, and looks very much like a futuristic planet rover.355 × 200

They are saying that it is basically a helicopter cabin on wheels with panoramic view and protection through the entire interior which is made of all glass in the shape of a diamond. Did I forget to mention that the AI is also all electric? Audi wanted to make a car that can get around quietly and without emissions thus giving the environment a chance! This model is clearly going to be targeted at outdoor and rough terrain. Eye catching tires with visible technical elements for great grip in a wet setting.357 × 200

With the wrapping of the AI-Series, we would like to take this opportunity to give a huge shout out to Audi for its creativity and awareness towards clean energy and going greener! Today at Audi Tacoma you can check out all of our green and electric vehicles! Audi has begun to make its mark on a cleaner earth, follow in these steps and you too could contribute to our lovely mother earth! We hope to see you soon at our amazing Audi Tacoma storefront!

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