Audi AI:ME

We are in the thick of the futurism age. It seems as though every brand has released a concept vehicle idea for an electric car that look like actual spaceship or something that we could only see in movies! Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, and now Audi has come with an entire range known as the AI range. As many of you know, AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and Audi wanted to go off of that idea and created this range. It consists of the AI:ME, the AI:RACE, theAI:TRAIL and the AI:CON. Today we will be focusing on the AI:ME which was seen cruising around Las Vegas this past week.  

The AI:ME is only one car out of four that has been debuted since 2017 and we are finally seeing these models out on the roads. Like I said above, the AI:ME was seen being driven through Las Vegas within in the last week and it definitely has the futuristic aesthetic that we have come to expect with all the EV’s being debuted by all these different brands. It is no surprise though since Audi is a German brand and we have seen a drastic amount of these futuristic looking cars coming from Volkswagen with their ID Series and Mercedes-Benz with their Vision lineup. Germany is really coming hard with the electric lineups and the priority of new green energy. We may not have a whole lot of details regarding the AI series from Audi but that does not stifle our excitement to see even more clean cars!  

Each AI model will have a different emphasis such as the AI:ME is based upon the needs and wants of its riders and driver. Audi is claiming it will be able to sense these needs and wants and act accordingly. Now this is really exciting and it’s not something we have really seen done before from Audi. Make sure to keep updated with us because we will be updating and fleshing out our knowledge on the AI series as soon as we have more details. Audi Tacoma is your one stop shop for all the latest and greatest news from Audi. While we wait for such new information, why not come and see our electric lineup today in the form of the Audi e-Tron line! We have something for everyone, so don’t hesitate!


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