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What's Different About the 2020 A3?

One Man's Trash is Another Brand's Upholstery

Did you know that in the 2020 Audi A3, Fife area drivers might be sitting on some pretty unconventional seating materials? Here at our Audi dealership serving Tacoma, we celebrate the ways that Audi works hard to change things up, and with the 2020 Audi A3, the brand has taken its mission for sustainability to new heights. The seating upholstery in these models are made from something other than the signature leather we all know and love, and it's making headlines everywhere.

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Earth Day is Coming!

Bring Home an Audi Hybrid or Electric Vehicle to Celebrate

On April 22, Earth Day will be in full swing, and what better way to celebrate Mother Earth than with a brand-new hybrid or electric car for sale in our inventory of new Audi models? Our Audi dealership in Fife knows the value of an Audi Q5 Plug-In Hybrid or e-tron is beyond the fuel economy, and Tacoma Audi customers will love the way it feels to drive.

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What to Expect in 2020

Audi has so much in store for 2020 and a lot coming in for the 2021 model year! This year we can expect so many models for the 2021 model year such as the recently released e-Tron, Audi’s all new EV! The new e-Tron is coming to us based on the wonderful Q4 and will feature electric motors on each axle that make AWD possible and the e-Tron will be capable of outputting 300-hp with a 6.3 seconds 0-60MPH speed! We can also expect the brand new Q8 to arrive later on in the year! 

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22 Reasons to Buy With Larson

The Larson Automotive Group has been serving the greater PNW since 1953, and since then our practice has been the same. Satisfaction and Service is our priority to all of our PNW neighbors which is why the “22 Reasons to Buy with Larson” was implemented. We are going to go over those 22 reasons today and give you a better idea of what we are really about!
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The final vehicle of the AI series is what we are going to talk about today! If you have ever seen any kind of space movie or game, you will know that the vehicles driven in such setting are rovers. They are very rounded out with giant tires to traverse the harsh terrain. Audi has come up with their own spin on the Mars Rover; it is called the Audi AI: TRAIL and true to its idea, and looks very much like a futuristic planet rover. storefront!

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Plug In Q5 and A8 have Arrived!

With increased performance and better fuel economy, the Audi Q5 and A8 Hybrids have arrived in the US and we could not be more excited. More hybrids mean cleaner and more sustainable energy and this is a good choice for Audi since electric and hybrid vehicles are all the rage on the market recently! Both of these models will run on what is called the “TFSI e” system. 

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Audi AI: CON

We are back for another Audi AI feature! This time we are going to be talking about the Audi AI: CON! Here we have another futuristic vehicle that is sure to stand the test of time. Audi is claiming that the AI:CON will have a range of almost 500 miles on a single charge and charging times are only 30 minutes for  80% charge or more! Taking a seat in the AI: CON will give you a real feeling of luxury and technology due to its super spacious cabin and built in touch controls in the hand rail. 

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Today we will be talking about another Audi AI concept coming soon! As mentioned in our first article on the AI:ME, there will be four models coming known as the AI:ME, AI:RACE, AI:TRAIL, and AI:CON. The focus today will be on the AI:RACE; Audi’s electric supercar! The concept is inspired by motorsport which makes for a rip roaring time on the street or on the track!
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Audi AI:ME

We are in the thick of the futurism age. It seems as though every brand has released a concept vehicle idea for an electric car that look like actual spaceship or something that we could only see in movies! Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, and now Audi has come with an entire range known as the AI range. As many of you know, AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and Audi wanted to go off of that idea and…


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